24 Miles Turns Into 12.08 on Mesa

June 2, 2012

The plan was to run 24 miles, but some threatened black clouds and a 40% chance of thunderstorms had other plans.

I started at South Mesa Trailhead and ran north. Just three miles in, I was wondering whether I should turn back or keep going. Eventually I made the plan to just run to Chataqua and if it was bad, keep going up to Liza’s and get a ride back to my car. But it just never got that bad. I got some drizzles, but it wasn’t so stormy that I had to put my emergency plan into action. But, by the time I got back down to South Mesa, the weather had degenerated further, and the wind was picking up. I decided to just call it for the day, and lump my 12 forfeited miles onto tomorrow’s run.

Threatening clouds

Some like the rain