Caves and Sprints for 5.43 Miles on Mesa

May 31, 2012

The legs were feeling a little worked over so I decided to keep it easy and fun today. Took on Mesa Trail, and I used it as an excuse to explore a short trail I’d never been on before: Mallory Cave. It juts off from Mesa about two miles from Chataqua and heads up into the Flatirons themselves. Probably around .7 miles, but it’s got some stunning views and goes up to near Mallory Cave (although you can’t get close because the Forest Service is trying to prevent the spread of White Nose Syndrome to bats in the area.)

On the way down I took the chance to fly to the parking lot, and almost hit 4 min/mile at one point (actually 4:08). I can’t imagine running a mile on flat ground that fast. Absolutely amazing.