Yet Another PR Up Green, Plus a Beating from Anton

May 8, 2012

I set another PR on Green Mountain this morning. A whopping 1:04:29. I remember thinking last week that it’d take me a few more months to break 1:05, but here I am. Each time up, I set another PR. In fact, I think my last six or seven runs up have been all PRs. And today’s time, I lopped almost three minutes off my last PR from Thursday. That’s awesome.

Today was the first day I really felt like I was cruising up. Almost ran the whole thing, except for a few of the very steepest parts, which means I still have room to shave time. This is crazy encouraging.

What was also awesome about today’s run was as I approaching the summit, about a quarter mile away, I heard something behind me. It was the final push up to the top, and I knew my time was good enough for another PR. Just then, Anton goes breezing past me in a serious power hike. It was pretty perfect. Just a quarter mile from the top on a new record for me, and I got put in my place by one of the top runners in the world. It’s pretty damn funny. And awesome.

Wildflowers at Stretch Rock overlook.

Snow near the summit from the cold front on Sunday.

Anton putting me in my place.

Anton taking a moment at the top.

Yet another new PR.